AegisBlade Node.js Client v0.2.0

Package aegisblade provides the nodejs client library for AegisBlade.

This is the reference documentation for the nodejs client library.

Read the docs for more detail.

See more examples on Github.


npm install --save aegisblade


Hello World

const {aegisblade} = require('aegisblade');

 * In this example the `helloWorld()` function will be run on a
 * server using AegisBlade. 
function helloWorld() {
    console.log("Hello World Logs");
    return "Hello World Return Value";

// Any target function to be run on AegisBlade must be exported.
module.exports = {helloWorld};

 * The `main()` function will run on your local machine
 * and start the job running the `helloWorld()` function
 * on a server using AegisBlade.
async function main() {
    let job = await;
    console.log(`Job Id: ${}`);
    console.log("Waiting for the job to finish running...");

    let jobReturnValue = await job.getReturnValue();
    console.log(`Job Return Value: ${jobReturnValue}`);
    console.log(`Job Logs: ${await job.getLogs()}`);

//  Using the `require.main === module` idiom to only run main when this script
//    is called directly is especially important when using AegisBlade to prevent
//    infinite loops of jobs creating jobs.
if (require.main === module) {
    (async () => {
        try {
            await main();
        } catch (err) {